Wishing on the Moon~

We should have done it, Handsome.  And, tonight, yes tonight, would have been the perfect night to do it.  If you would have been here, no doubt I would have asked.  And, chances are you would have said, “C’mon Baby, you know we can’t do that.  We have work tomorrow.”

And, then – you know exactly what I would have responded.

“That’s ok.  We’ll just call in.”

“And what are we going to tell them when we call in, Beautiful?”

“That’s simple.  We’ll just tell them we won’t be in today because we decided to follow the moon.”

Every single month.  Every single full moon that peeked over the mountain top. Every single time the same conversation. And every single evening when the moon shone bright and beautiful, dancing in and out of the clouds like tonight, we stayed up a little too late, and gazed a little too long, and loved every single moment basking in the moonlight together.

While we never did follow the moon until it slipped beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean and tucked itself in, I loved dreaming about it with you, Handsome.  Just the thought made me happy.

And I can’t help thinking tonight would have made you happy.

Not because the moon was up.  Not because it was extraordinarily beautiful.  No, tonight you would have been happy because for the first time since you’ve been gone, I stepped outside and I reveled in the moon for the both of us.  I missed you to be sure – so much missing you that tears often blurred my view, but tonight, I didn’t let the moon go unnoticed like every other month without you.

And, I wished we would have done it.

I wished we would have followed the moon.

If only we could.  If only we could.


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